Graduation project entitled Folded, stapled and unpublished. Located somewhere between X, Y & Z and maybe then replaced again. A fiction reality cross-over essay exploring the written word in a three dimensional space. This is explored through the usage of mixed media like spoken word, typography, literature and performance. Exhibit during the I am sure you know what I am talking about 2018 graduation show of the University of the Arts Utrecht.

Graduation catalogue for the University of the Arts Utrecht classes of 2018. A publication designed to fit all the divers content of all six departments graduating from the University of the arts Utrecht (HKU). A strict but open and flexible grid allowes the content to move freely over the pages. A self-initiated publication by graduates of the HKU.

ICW sjondebaron. Typeface by Bold Decisions.

Album art work and publication for Benjamin Fro. Behave & Praten over Leven

A couple of spreads designed during my internship at Córdova Canillas for Connecting Spaces  Hong Kong - Zurich. Art direction and design by Córdova Canillas and icw Oliver Campbell. WITH is a publication cataloguing three years of projects at Connecting Spaces. The graphic system of this “book-zine” allowed for a design that changed drastically in parts, with seemingly chaotic design being broken up by slower paced sections. This allowed for a clear distinction between types of content and makes for a catalogue that never gets too repetitive. Featured on It’s Nice That

In-house designs for BAK Basis Actuele Kunst Utrecht. BAK, basis voor actuele kunst is a base for art, knowledge, and the political. BAK is committed to the notion of art as a public sphere and a political space, and provides a critical platform for aesthetico-political experiments with and through art. Visual identity created by LeftLoft Milano.

Visual identity for Eric Baudelaire's first big solo exhibition The Music of Ramón Raquello and his Orchestra at Tabakalera San Sebastián (Spain). Project done during my internship and under guidance of Marco Balesteros. Design and art direction Marco Balesteros (Letra)

Art direction for an editorial in the 6th issue of Tunica Magazine, done during my internship and under guidance of Córdova Canillas. Photography by Julien Pounchou and Kiwi Bravo. Magazine design by Bureau Borsche. More info

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Sean van den Steenhoven is a graphic designer from Amsterdam The Netherlands currently based in Brooklyn New York, where he is part of New Studio, a group of international designers working collectively together. His practise has an editorial approach and is always driven through dialogue, resulting in mixed media out-comes with a strong typographic character. Translating extensive research into concepts that stay visually true to their original core. Design as a medium for storytelling, research, poetry, exploration, communication and creation.

Graduated at the University of the arts Utrecht (2014 - 2018) and student at the Politecnico di Milano. (2016) Previous intern at Marco Balesteros (Letra) in Lisbon Portugal and Córdova Canillas in Barcelona Barcelona Spain. (2017)


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Sean van den Steenhoven;

Graphic/Editorial Design

Currently in Brooklyn, New York working with New Studio. BA Graphic Design graduate from the University of the Arts Utrecht and Politecnico di Milano. Previous intern at Marco Balesteros (Letra) Lisbon & Córdova Canillas Barcelona.

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